EP 110 | What they Don’t Teach you in Design School with Sarah Vermunt



About this Episode

Although we learned a lot in design school, many of us felt unprepared to run a business. It’s never too late to reengineer your business into what it might have been on day one.

In this episode we learn:

  • there are 2 ways to navigate your career
  • why clarity must come before strategy
  • how boundaries are only part of the solution to overwhelm
  • questions to consider before starting your business (or as soon as you hear this podcast)
  • should you start with a side hustle or go all in

Take Aways

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Tell Us: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned that you wish they taught you in design school?

Congratulations to our winners!

Tania Bell from Victoria, Australia

Michelle Fleischhacker from Alberta, Canada

About Sarah Vermunt

Sarah Vermunt is the founder of Careergasm and the author of Careergasm and Career Rookie. She helps people figure out what the heck they want so they can quit jobs they hate and do work that FEELS GOOD. Her work has been featured at ForbesFortuneInc.Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and lots of other cool places. She lives in Toronto and online at Careergasm.com.


Careergasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work

Career Rookie: A Get-It-Together Guide for Grads, Students & Career

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  • Maria Kovach

    I wish that I had had a better understanding of the totality of starting a business. The BUSINESS of the interior design business. This is a second career for me, starting it with a family in tow, while going to design school. (I do not recommend trying this at home!!) I knew I didn’t want to work for another company, allowing me the “flexibility” I wanted/needed with a family. What I didn’t understand is that the flexibility I thought I would achieve, would be used to muddle my way through the everyday efforts of operating a business; days/nights/weekends.

  • Jaime Galapo

    I wish I learned the business end. For instance, how to manage accounting, how to sell and mark up, how taxes work, etc. After all it’s 80% business, 20% design. Right?!
    Well thank you to BOD, we can get this education right here!

    • Cheryl Horne

      Thanks Jaime!

    • Kimberley Seldon

      Hi Jaime. Couldn’t agree more. We’ll make sure you’re in the draw!

      So glad you found us!

  • Michelle Fleischhacker

    I wish I’d learned how to navigate marketing myself, and social media and detailed quoting…the list could go on.

    • Cheryl Horne

      Thanks Michelle!

    • Kimberley Seldon

      Hi Michelle, I know what you mean. However…there are only so many hours in the day. So, one way or another, we all have to outsource something. Perhaps this is just an area that you surrender to outsourcing! 🙂

    • Kimberley Seldon

      PS. We’ll make sure you’re in the draw!

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