Thank you for the very real content.

Just a ginormous THANK YOU!! I first met Kimberley at Design Camp in Las Vegas (with Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis) and I was just officially starting my business with very, very little formal training. My hourly rate was $25! I have since increased it by $25 every year and am now up to $100 and my consultation fee has grown from $0 to $200 and now $300. I know I still have room to grow! The things that I loved about Kimberley from the beginning were her genuineness and transparency. Those are two things I value in my personal life and have appreciated them in my business life as well.  I am so grateful that she so freely shares the thoughts that go through her mind. I have had so many sleepless nights because I worry about the mistakes that I have made (many very similar to the example where she forgot to charge tax) and making assumptions of what my clients might be thinking. Thank you for the webinars and the very real content. I am so excited for this year of business as I work through these very doable changes. Thank you! Thank you!!

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