BOD™ Conference Speaker | Dr. Ganz

Make Smart Decisions, Eliminate Burnout, and Maximize Your Strength The fastest growing category of disability costs to Canadians is depression. A lot of the time, when you are working really hard, no matter how much you put in, you can still feel weak, ashamed and overwhelmed. You can feel like you don’t live up to […]

Congratulations to our BOD™ ROCK STARS!

We’re so proud of two of our BOD Members, Sarita Simpson and Jason Claire, for making Home and Design’s 2019 Hot Talent designers! (They only pick 5!) Now in its 12th year, Home & Design’s “Hot Talent” feature spotlights local pros-to-watch who have launched firms of their own. Sarita and Jason launched Interior Matter earlier […]

BOD™ Conference Speaker | Aysun Kuck

Business of Design™ fans will be thrilled to hear Aysun Kuck is scheduled to teach at the upcoming Business of Design™ Conference | Las Vegas Market, January 25, 26, 2020. Aysun is familiar to many, as she’s made a couple of appearances on the BOD™ Podcast, where she shared strategies for creating a seamless client […]

IMPORTANT Notice about Business of Design™

   To our amazing BOD™ Community, When we launched Business of Design™ as an online learning community in 2010, we never imagined how far our message would reach. We were thrilled to have 50 members in our first few months of service. Fast forward to 2019, we now have hundreds of members in over 50 countries around the world. Wow. Thank you for your support and commitment to […]

Exciting Changes to Business of Design™ Membership

We have some exciting improvements and updates coming to Business of Design™ membership. Thank you for your support and encouragement—you are the reason we keep improving our own systems and content. Team BOD has been hard at work to develop new courses and we’ve recently launched Hiring Practices, which allows you to use Kimberley’s step by step […]

Maximize Your Master

The master bedroom is your space to retreat from the world and recharge after a long day. Although it is often one of the final rooms to be renovated, it deserves special attention. If you’re planning to create your dream master bedroom, it’s important to work with the right experts. An interior designer and a Licensed […]

Hidden Conveniences

Clutter is a visual disrupter of the peace and quiet most homeowners say they crave when it comes to designing a dream spa-like bathroom. Modern, on-trend bathrooms are all about hidden conveniences like hiding hair dryers, shavers (and their cords!), other electrical items, and outlets inside cabinetry. But it is important to know that outlets […]

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