EP 014 | Closing The Sale with Aysun Kuck – Part 1

June 26, 2017


About this Episode

If you are eager to turn potential clients into paid ones, then you’ll love hearing what Aysun Kuck has to say about the process. This episode is a two-parter, so be sure to check out EP 022. 
In this episode we learn:
– how to put a smile in your voice
– to have a goal when you return a potential client’s call
– how to identify different types of clients quickly
– getting paid up front is professional

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Meet Aysun Kuck

Aysun is a Best Practices Sales Coach (specializing in booking interior design consultations and closing the sale) and Intuitive Coach (teaching success strategies) servicing her delighted and successful clients since 1992. For the past 15 years, her primary focus has been in Promotion, Events, Media Partnerships & excellence in Client Services for high-profile clients in the fields of interior design, humour and wellness, celebrity speakers and presenters. She is the creator/facilitator of the popular “Steps to Well Being” workshop as well as a published author. Aysun lives in Toronto.

Email: [email protected]
Call: (416) 224-5210

Take Aways

Put a smile on your voice before calling the client back. They can always tell when you are rushed, too eager or impatient.

Never lower your fees. Never.

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