EP 026 | Upselling Ahead with Shai DeLuca Tamasi

September 18, 2017

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About this Episode

Most of us are not terribly comfortably asking clients for money, let alone asking them for more money when we think of some new product or idea that would enhance the existing project. Effective upselling, the act of offering a new purchase that complements an existing purchase, requires thoughtful consideration and courage.

In this episode we learn:
– why upselling is a benefit to clients
– how to look at upselling in a more positive light
– why every designer has to get comfortable with sales
– to avoid selling the thing, instead sell the experience


Take Aways

Before you attempt an upsell to a client, ask yourself:

  1. Does this new product (that I’m trying to upsell) complement what the client is already buying?
  2. Will this new product benefit the client?
  3. Is this client willing and able to spend more?

If the answers are yes, then you are in good shape to suggest more products.


Shai DeLuca-Tamasi is the founder and president of SHAI DELUCA INTERIOR DESIGN, located in what has been described as one of North America’s hottest design hubs: Toronto. SHAI DELUCA INTERIOR DESIGN’s internationally award winning design studio is known for its distinct combination of modern appeal with transitional overtones, providing a classic yet timeless feelin a soothing and warmly understated manner. “Life is in the details, style accordingly”, says Shai. This principal guides the style Shai provides for his clients. Each design project sympathetically reflects the architecture, setting and client desires as shown in the many projects he has designed — whether a contemporary, hillside residence in Toronto, an urban paradise in New York or a Bauhaus gem in Tel Aviv. In 2011 Shai joined Canada’s top design professionals as an Interior Design Expert on Canada’s number one lifestyle show: Cityline. Active in the North American interior design community, Shai works continuously as a design visionary pursuing projects that will continue to put his studio on the international design map. www.shaideluca.com

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