EP 100 | Adam Scougall’s Journey to Full-Time Designer

Sydney designer Adam Scougall did what so many budding designers have dreamed about—he made the transition from the corporate world into a full-time design career. Yay!! Adam shares his insights as a business owner before and after implementing Business of Design’s 15 Step Project Management Strategy.


RUXANA OOSMAN | More mistakes? Yup. We’ve all made them. In this episode, a continuation of EP 070, we are going to hear from another Business of Design member on mistakes ….


KIRSTEN MCCOY | More mistakes? Yup. We’ve all made them. In this episode, and subsequently in EP 077, we are going to hear from two Business of Design members on mistakes they’ve made and ….

EP 063 | Workout Your Business

CHERYL HORNE | If you’re listening in to the BOD podcast each week, you’re already motivated to get your business in shape. But if you want to transform your business ….

WEEK #8 Bootcamp – Share your results and award bonus.

You can’t keep what you don’t give away, so share your insights with others. Your Week #8 Assignments: Assignment #1 – Post an insight you’ve had this summer to your Face Book page or the Business of design Face Book page. Share your findings with your support group or mentor someone who’s just starting out. You […]

WEEK #7 Bootcamp – What’s next? [VIDEO]

You’ve done the work suggested this summer. You rock! It didn’t take a lot of time and yet, it pushed a lot of buttons and stirred a deeper desire to create the business of your dreams. Now, let’s plan for the future. Your Week #7 Assignment: Take the Business of Design online course Design For Living. […]

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