PREMIUM Member Group Coaching | APR 2 at 10pm EST

In addition to our regularly scheduled group coaching calls for our Monthly and Annual Members, we are adding a call on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 10:00 pm EST (April 3, 1pm, Sydney) for our Australian Members to help provide support during this time. All Monthly and Annual Members are welcome to attend this time slot.

EP 157 | BOD™ Business Alert – March 18, 2020

Effectively immediately, BOD™ is supplementing its regularly scheduled podcasts with ongoing BOD™ Business Alert podcasts. The BOD™ Business Alerts will focus on narrow topics that are relative to you right now and drop with greater frequency than our weekly BOD™ Podcast programming.

BOD™ Member Group Coaching | APR 22

You are not alone. As a PREMIUM Member of Business of Design™, you have access to Kimberley as your mentor and coach. Use these invaluable monthly group coaching sessions to clarify your understanding of systems, build your confidence to implement new policies and get your real life project issues resolved. Registration for the next session is open.

BOD™ Business Alert Webinar | MARCH 23

RECORDING AVAILABLE | This FREE BOD™ Business Alert Webinar is open to everyone, not just paid members of BOD™. To join this webinar, you must be signed into your Business of Design™ account or register for a new account. Space is limited to the first 100 people who sign up. We will hit capacity, so act quickly.

EP 141 | Yes, You Can with Kimberley Seldon

Most of us will do anything to avoid change, even if it means staying stuck or staying miserable.  Sometimes we are so invested in staying the course, even when a situation is lousy, that we’ll dismiss a new idea or concept outright, thus missing the opportunity to make dramatic improvements to the bottom line and to client satisfaction. 

EP 139 | Why I Love Scope Creep with Kimberley Seldon – REPEAT

In this solo podcast, Kimberley shares insights from her journey to reorganize her business and her life—paving the way for Business of Design™. She weaves funny examples from her interior design practice with parallel topics from a BOD™ member-recommended book, Confessions of an Organized Homemaker by Deniece Schofield. Thank you Monica Ashbrook for the great recommendation.

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