EP 115 | Never Open Bag with Lori Steeves

Clients hire an interior design professional for a variety of reasons, but certainly they are looking for direction and guidance. Too often, designers hesitate to make strong recommendations out of fear or a lack of confidence. It’s time to own your projects and confidently make suggestions.

EP 112 | What Not To Do with Layers and Layers

Our suppliers and trusted resource providers can offer a wealth of insight into how to run our businesses more efficiently and profitably. Seeking their advice can save you from making costly mistakes and position you to succeed.

EP 108 | Living in Place with Erik Listou

No one needs to be reminded that they are aging or have limitations. Our role as designers is to create functional, beautiful and safe environments for all of our clients, regardless of circumstances. In this episode we consider replacing aging in place with living in place.


KIMBERLEY SELDON | How committed are you? We usually think of commitment as a great quality, but what if you are committed to things/systems/procedures/behaviors that aren’t working ….


KIMBERLEY SELDON | What’s your policy? For most of us, the policies or rules we rely on are those which serve to protect us from an unpleasant circumstance, such as not ….

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