EP 138 | The Me Factor with Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Back by popular demand, Dr. Ganz Ferrance shares an inventory process from his new book, The Me Factor that will help you spot the signs of burnout before things go too far. He’ll also share his insights on the vicious cycle you can find yourself in by investing too much time in social media.

EP 137 | Make It Magnetic with Valerie Foley

Making your business magnetic is the surest way to attract clients, but it starts as an inside job. As a service industry provider, you are the business, so you have to be positive and enthusiastic for your clients while maintaining a clear and present channel for your own well being.

EP 136 | Hiring, Firing, and Performance Reviews with Aysun Kuck

Although hiring, firing and performance reviews are rarely the stuff entrepreneurial dreams are made of, they are elements that come into play as your practice grows. Aysun Kuck has worked with Kimberley Seldon Design Group for more than 20 years, running an office that consisted of 13 designers plus support staff.

EP 132 | Sales and Shopping Channels with Alli Mang

If you’ve dreamed of being on television (and so many design professionals have) than you’ll love hearing from guest expert Alli Mang. She is a multi-million dollar brand ambassador who knows how to sell. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Sold Out shares insights into peak performance selling in the high stakes environment of shopping channels.

EP 131 | Cool Girl’s Guide to High Point with Marisa Wilson

12,000,000 square feet of showrooms. Yup. 12 million. 180 buildings, 2,000 showrooms and 75,000 people—that’s what you’ll find when you get to High Point Market. If you’ve never been or you need to conquer the market this time, then listen to veteran market goers Marisa and Kimberley tell you how it’s done.

EP 127 | A Partnership for your Design Business with Toledo Geller – Part 1

If you’re a solopreneur, chances are you’ve fantasized about finding a partner who would take on all the challenges of running a business. For these lucky pairs, the fantasy became a reality. In part one of this two part series we talk to Jessica Geller and Virginia Toledo about how they make it work and how you might find a partner of your own.

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