Lowering Fees is NOT the Answer

No one likes it when clients complain about fees. However, it does happen. And when it does, do you have a strategy for steering the conversation to a successful conclusion? First off, you want to handle those situations immediately. Ideally, you’re diligent about logging your hours so when the client has a question you can […]

You don’t need to know everything

We recently received this question from one of our members… Q: I recently upped my consult fee significantly and got my first pre-paid meeting [at the new price!]. With this new build specification request [I am not normally familiar with] I’m still struggling. What if I turn up and get caught on not knowing something about […]

Ready for your Close-up

It may seem like a cushy TV job is guaranteed fame, but these days, that just isn’t the case. Sure, media coverage can boost your profile within the industry and in the eyes of the all-important client, but it’s no shortcut to success. There’s still plenty of hard work ahead. Take Karl Lohnes, you may […]

A little honesty about Flat Fees

Have you ever quoted a flat fee based on 30 hours and the project ended up taking 60? How can something like that happen? Kimberley gets honest about how she’s been there, done that and how easily it can happen to you. Want more on Flat Fees? Listen in.

Letting Go

Letting go of items that have sentimental  to you can be challenging. Just ask me about the pink flamingo. When Our family moved from a big house into a smaller condo, I struggled, just like my clients sometimes do, with letting go of items. That lead me to hire expert help and I called Downsizing […]

NEW Course | Expanding the Client Relationship

Congratulations. You have a client that you really love. You are an ideal fit.  Perhaps you’ve already successfully completed a project together and you want to keep the relationship alive so you’ll be top of mind when the next job comes around. Or, you’re in the middle of a small project, it’s going well and […]

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3 Lousy, but Popular, Methods for Calculating Flat Fees

If you’ve worked predominately on hourly fee contracts—billing customers after the fact for tasks that are already completed—you know that business model is not without its flaws. Clients often balk at fees, wondering how they added up so quickly, or express genuine alarm that they had no idea how expensive the process would be. Sometimes they demand you […]

Drawing Matters

We all want to save our clients money wherever possible. We can do that by becoming more efficient at the tasks we perform—having focus and discipline when we shop on the client’s behalf, creating tight back-end systems for obtaining quotes, ordering product, tracking items, and fine-tuning our project management skills. But you can’t save clients […]

Budgeting for Accessories

We all know a project is not finished until it’s accessorized and styled. But determining a budget for that kind of thing can be challenging. One tip I learned from Gillian Gillies (who is the guest on Podcast EP 005 Styling Matters), is to run through a high-low scenario with clients as you discuss the […]

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